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John Stalnaker graduated from Chicago Kent College of Law in 2003. He practiced law in Chicago before moving to Omaha and joining his father’s law firm, Stalnaker, Becker & Buresh in 2008. He was appointed in 2018 as a Nebraska Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee.

In addition to trustee work, John has substantial experience in real estate law, including title insurance, property development, purchase agreements and construction. He also practices in general corporate law and particularly enjoys helping clients grow and build their business and solving the ‘good’ kind of problems that often accompany growth.

John encourages clients to engage him early on in the growth of their business to implement practices and agreements that can help prevent problems for them down the road. However, the reality is that business disputes do occur and when addressing a client’s challenge, he wants to understand the big picture of what went right, where things went wrong, and view the problem with an unbiased opinion to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of how to best solve the matter at hand. Often, costly litigation is not the answer, but understandably, it can be difficult for a client whose business has been impacted to remain objective. John helps them stay focused on the solution.

He has mastered the art of balancing the best interest of a client’s thriving business with their “life,” and earning the title of a trusted advisor. John is licensed in Nebraska and a member of the Omaha and Nebraska State Bar Associations.

While not practicing law, John will forever be a musician at heart and drummer in a band. He also enjoys spending time with his family and helping out with his kids’ extracurricular activities.


  • Chicago-Kent College of Law (2003)
  • Lawrence University (2000)


  • United States District Court for Nebraska
  • United States Bankruptcy Court for Nebraska

Practice Areas

  • Bankruptcy and Creditors’ Rights
  • Real Estate
  • Business Law
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