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Offering Individualized Solutions for Sophisticated Estate Matters

McGill assists clients with all aspects of estate planning, including wills, powers of attorney for health care and financial decisions, probate, and trust matters. Our attorneys advise and represent individuals, families, personal representatives, trustees and other parties across Nebraska with a strong emphasis on financially sophisticated estates, estates involving closely-held companies and other business interests. Each client receives an individualized approach focused on furthering family and charitable goals, protecting assets, minimizing tax consequences and accomplishing other specific estate planning goals.

At McGill, we appreciate that our estate planning clients come to us with different needs and expectations. We work with our clients to develop customized plans that address their concerns and long-term purposes. Whether your focus is to preserve and grow your wealth for your loved ones, address unique challenges created by a second marriage or a child with special needs, or contribute to a favorite charity, we take the time to understand your wishes and provide the tools needed to achieve them.         

For many of our clients, transferring ownership of a family business is a paramount concern in the estate planning process. Our attorneys have experience assisting with succession planning using corporate recapitalizations, buy-sell agreements, family limited partnerships, and ownership transfer options. Moreover, because family and business circumstances may change over time, our legal team provides ongoing support to ensure that our clients’ estate plans reflect their most current objectives.

Providing Comprehensive Guidance and Support to Individuals and Families

The Estate Planning, Wills, Probate, and Trust practice at McGill offers a full range of legal services, including representing clients in matters involving:

  • Last will and testament
  • Irrevocable trust
  • Revocable trust
  • Insurance trust
  • Special needs trust
  • Private foundations/Charitable trust
  • Business planning
  • Advanced directives
  • Medical directives
  • Powers of attorney
  • Estate administration
  • Estate tax planning/tax returns
  • Guardianships/conservatorships
  • Lifetime gifting programs
  • Marital agreements
  • Probate litigation
  • Will contests
  • Trust litigation
  • Fiduciary litigation

These matters often involve a multitude of issues cutting across a wide range of legal disciplines. Our firm is well equipped to help clients address these issues, regardless of how complex they may be. We utilize a multidisciplinary approach to the practice of law, with attorneys regularly collaborating and sharing insights across various fields of practice. In doing so, we can provide the specific guidance clients need to make the best decisions for the future.

Although no one likes to think about the end of their life, it is important to have a plan in place for the future. By looking ahead and making critical decisions today, you can protect your wealth and make sure that your loved ones know what you want when you are no longer able to express your wishes. To learn more about the comprehensive services provided by our Estate Planning, Probate, Wills and Trusts practice, or to discuss your specific estate planning needs with an attorney at our firm, we invite you to schedule a consultation in our office at 402.492.9200.

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